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[libvirt] PATCH 0/4: AppArmor updates

This patchset consists of various small updates to the AppArmor security

0001-apparmor-dont-ignore-open.patch: Exit with error if
virDomainDiskDefForeachPath() fails, unless the disk doesn't exist, at
which point we skip it without error. Also add several tests to
virt-aa-helper-test for '-p' option.

0002-apparmor-chardev.patch: fix serial ports, parallel ports and

0003-apparmor-examples.patch: update to example AppArmor profile

0004-apparmor-fix-warn.patch: fix a compiler warning

The updates in 0001-apparmor-dont-ignore-open.patch are needed to ensure
that it works consistently with and without '-p 1' and that the security
fix works as advertised. The other patches should speak for themselves.

Jamie Strandboge             | http://www.canonical.com

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