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[libvirt] [PATCH] build: allow mingw VPATH build

* .gnulib: Update to latest.
Reported by Matthias Bolte.

Mainly for the top one, but there are a couple of relevant
upstream patches in this list.

* .gnulib 1629006...7ba06c8 (152):
  > pthread: fix pthread.h creation for srcdir != builddir
  > avoid some overlong lines from posix urls, etc.
  > autoupdate
  > missed commit
  > autoupdate
  > strtod: fix const diagnostic
  > copy-acl: ignore ENOTSUP on HP-UX
  > open, chown: relax license
  > autocheck new ar-lib script from automake
  > readlinkat: adjust client modules
  > mknod: be more vocal about danger of running tests as root
  > readlinkat: split into its own module
  > memxfrm: Speed up.
  > erroneous commas inside @var
  > remove spurious leading i
  > missing @item inside @itemize
  > autoupdate
  > Integrate the regex documentation.
  > Whitespace cleanup.
  > Add regex documentation.
  > link: Update documentation.
  > ansi-c++-opt: Mention last change in NEWS.
  > Update modules list.
  > Improve doc in MODULES.html.
  > ansi-c++-opt: Provide option --enable-c++/--disable-c++ when possible.
  > readlink, areadlink: Relax test a bit.
  > unistr/u8-strstr, unistr/u16-strstr: Optimize the one-character case.
  > unistr/u*-strstr: Fix dependencies.
  > unistr/u8-chr, unistr/u8-strchr: Optimize and add comments.
  > unistr/u8-strchr: Fix several bugs.
  > More tests for unistr/u8-strchr.
  > Oops, fix last commit so that it also works with modf().
  > posix-modules: Ignore backup files of documentation files.
  > symlinkat: Fix documentation.
  > fchownat: Replace also when chown has the trailing slash bug.
  > Complete last ChangeLog entry.
  > linkat: Work around AIX 7.1 bug.
  > Correctly determine whether pow is available in libc on AIX 7 with xlc.
  > iconv: Work around AIX 6.1..7.1 bug.
  > readlink: Relax test a bit.
  > copysign: Does not require -lm on glibc systems.
  > duplocale: Work around AIX 7.1 bug.
  > dirfd: Avoid link error on AIX 7.1.
  > strtod: next round of AIX fixes
  > futimens: fix configure check
  > getline: Update regarding AIX.
  > wcwidth: Drop replacement on AIX 7.
  > strtok_r: Avoid triggering bug in AIX 7.1 xlc compiler.
  > unlink: Update regarding AIX.
  > symlink: Update regarding AIX.
  > strndup: Update regarding AIX.
  > stat: Update regarding AIX.
  > truncl: Fix autoconf test.
  > round: Update regarding AIX.
  > rename: Update regarding AIX.
  > printf.m4: Update regarding AIX.
  > iconv: Update regarding AIX.
  > getopt: Update regarding AIX.
  > ldexpl; Update regarding AIX.
  > frexpl: Update regarding AIX.
  > open, fopen: Update regarding AIX.
  > chown: Update doc regarding AIX.
  > autoupdate
  > strtod: fix bug in replacement function on AIX
  > mbrlen: Fix cross-compilation guess for AIX.
  > mbrtowc: Fix cross-compilation guess for AIX.
  > * build-aux/gendocs.sh: restore lost x bit
  > init.sh: work around trap limitation of some shells
  > strtod: aid debugging
  > unistr/u*-chr, unistr/u*-strchr: Fix link errors and warnings.
  > Add ChangeLog entries for recent commits.
  > Use spaces for indentation, not tabs.
  > mbspcasecmp: Fix function specification.
  > autoupdate
  > timespec: use cast and not conditional, as truncation isn't possible
  > unistr/u8-chr, unistr/u8-strchr: use Boyer-Moore like algorithm.
  > unistr/u*-strchr: add tests
  > unistr/u*-chr: test multibyte sequences more
  > unistr/u*-chr: test multibyte sequences
  > unistr/u*-chr: prepare for multibyte tests
  > unistr/u8-strchr: Optimize non-ASCII argument case.
  > fdl.texi from gnustandards
  > getcwd: on Solaris, work better if ancestors are inaccessible
  > pthread: Add enough so that coreutils/src/sort.c compiles.
  > striconveh: Simplify last commit.
  > striconveh: Don't malloc memory if the result buffer is sufficient.
  > strtod: Add safety check.
  > Unify tests that set gl_cv_func_ldexpl_no_libm.
  > Unify tests that set gl_cv_func_ldexp_no_libm.
  > Unify tests that set gl_cv_func_frexpl_no_libm.
  > Unify tests that set gl_cv_func_frexp_no_libm.
  > memcoll: clarify sizes versus lengths, document better, and tweak perf
  > Tests for module '_Exit'.
  > New module '_Exit'.
  > strtod: make it more-accurate typically, and don't require libm
  > autoupdate
  > unistr/u8-strchr: Optimize ASCII argument case.
  > (x)memcoll: minor tweaks
  > (x)memcoll: speedup when input is known to be NUL delimited
  > bootstrap: discard non translation project po files
  > fsusage: Clarify which code applies to which platforms.
  > havelib: Fix bug when AC_LIB_FROMPACKAGE is used more than twice.
  > hash: once again explicitly disallow insertion of NULL
  > stdbool: Update doc.
  > hash: extend module to deal with non-pointer keys
  > gettext: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE as a fallback for AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS.
  > idpriv-drop: Fix tests.
  > string: Fix syntax error with g++ 2.96.
  > unitypes: Fix bug introduced on 2010-05-18.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdates
  > memmem: slight optimization
  > Fix HAVE_CALLOC_POSIX misnomer.
  > Use modern idiom for calloc() replacement.
  > Fix HAVE_REALLOC_POSIX misnomer.
  > Use modern idiom for realloc() replacement.
  > Fix HAVE_MALLOC_POSIX misnomer.
  > Use modern idiom for malloc() replacement.
  > stdio.in.h: fix compilation failure when using HP-UX 11's C compiler
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > ipv6: fix detection under mingw
  > strtod: Assume strtod() works when cross-compiling to new-enough glibc.
  > Factor out common code in gl_FUNC_STRTOD.
  > strtod: Stop using AC_FUNC_STRTOD.
  > select: Correct timeout.
  > git-version-gen: init shell var to avoid env var influence
  > priv-set: Don't assume that priv.h exists merely because getppriv does.
  > relocatable: Make it easier to test whether to install wrappers.
  > gnulib-tool: Display specified modules and dependencies differently.
  > gnulib-tool: Align code of func_import and func_create_testdir.
  > test-inttostr: avoid spurious failure on Solaris 9
  > update from texinfo
  > test-sys_socket: mark variables as used more readably
  > Avoid some more warnings from "gcc -Wwrite-strings".
  > init.sh: change framework_failure_ to fail with status 99, not 1
  > test-inttostr: avoid warnings about 4-6KB literal strings
  > init.sh: don't use $ME_ or skip_ before they are defined
  > test-sys_socket: avoid set-but-not-used warnings from gcc
  > test-xvasprintf: avoid 'const' discard warnings
  > tests: avoid compilation warnings in argmatch and exclude tests...
  > tests: avoid 'const' discard warnings in mbsstr tests
  > test-verify: avoid warning from gcc's -Wmissing-declarations
  > test-inttostr.c: include <string.h> for use of strcmp
  > test-linkat: avoid failed assertion on "other" architectures
  > printf.m4: avoid autoconf's "Expanded Before Required" warning
  > Replacement header templates are now named with ".in", not "_".
  > inttostr-tests: depend on snprintf, not snprintf-posix
  > autoupdate
  > inttostr: add a new function, inttostr, and tests
  > Add "Extending Gnulib" chapter to manual.

 .gnulib |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.gnulib b/.gnulib
index 1629006..7ba06c8 160000
--- a/.gnulib
+++ b/.gnulib
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 1629006348e1f66f07ce3ddcf3ebd2d14556cfce
+Subproject commit 7ba06c8ff37d8725cb824c64b94be41b9294ffb7

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