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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 3/3] Remove wrong check for uml monitor response size

On 16-08-2010 18:08, Eric Blake wrote:
>> Ok, found the other kernel. Same diff as in my previous e-mail, same
>> action. These are my results:
>> 09:41:01.134: debug : umlMonitorCommand:698 : Run command 'config con0'
>> 09:41:01.134: debug : umlMonitorCommand:733 : res.error: 6, res.extra: 0, res.length: 4096, res.data:
>> 09:41:01.134: debug : umlMonitorCommand:736 : nbytes: 0
>> 09:41:01.134: debug : umlMonitorCommand:738 : res.error: 0, res.extra: 0, res.length: 4, res.data: pts


Ok, we can officially stop chasing this now. While working on some of
the other patches I've sent, I apparantly managed to copy a bit of code
from one place to another and by "luck" it was syntactically correct, so
the compiler didn't complain. The offending *two characters* were:

         nbytes = recvfrom(priv->monitor, &res, sizeof res, 0,
-                          (struct sockaddr *)&addr, &addrlen);
+                          (struct sockaddr *)&addr, &addrlen)<0;
         if (nbytes < 0) {

Henceforth, nbytes was 0.

Sorry about the wasted brain cycles on this.

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Developer

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