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Re: [libvirt] gettext and need-formatstring-macros

[This question ought to have been sent to bug-gettext, not bug-gnulib.]

Hi Eric,

> Use of PRIuMAX in a translated string produces a .pot file that
> refers to the special string <PRIuMAX>, and which requires the
> need-formatstring-macros option passed to AM_GNU_GETTEXT in configure.ac
> to be universally supported.  If I'm reading gettext.git history
> correctly, need-formatstring-macros was added in gettext 0.11.4 (commit
> 8b45c5df),


> but had bugs until 0.17 (commit 4e34b2ac);

It had bugs until 0.16, fixed in versions >= 0.16.1 (released on 2006-11-27).

> am I missing any details about how to properly use the gettext
> formatstring-macros option

You invoke AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external], [need-formatstring-macros]) and,
on glibc systems, use a glibc newer than 2002.

> which gettext versions are supported

Versions 0.16.1, 0.17, support need-formatstring-macros.


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