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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] esx: Use MD5 sum of mount path as storage pool UUID

2010/8/12 Maximilian Wilhelm <max rfc2324 org>:
> Anno domini 2010 Matthias Bolte scripsit:
> [...]
>> There is another "problem" with the approach of using the mount path
>> hash as UUID. In case of a Windows based GSX server you can use CIFS
>> shares as datastores addressed via UNC paths like \\nas\share. If you
>> have multiple GSX server sharing that datastore then all will have the
>> same UUID because the have the same mount path. Actually I don't
>> consider this as a real problem because in this case there is one
>> datastore with one UUID shared between multiple hosts.
> Would this become a problem if the user would use \\nas one node and
> \\nas.dom.aim on another node? The nasty thing about network paths is
> that people might use aliases..
> This just came to my mind.
> Ciao
> Max

It doesn't affect the per-connection UUID-to-datastore mapping, that's
the important part.

It will result in different UUIDs for the same datastore, so it
affects the global datastore-to-UUID mapping, but that's okay, there's
nothing the driver could do about that.

The important point is that every datastore has a UUID now and that
this UUID is at least unique per connection.


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