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Re: [libvirt] [RFC PATCH] build: avoid %zu in translated strings

Hi Eric,

> after looking into this deeper, it (happily) appears that I
> may have been mistaken.  It looks like the gnulib vasprintf module
> _already_ performs printf parsing on mingw; and that as a virtue of that
> printf parsing, %zu and %llu are already rewritten into modifiers
> understood by mingw.

And if this were not the case, I would recommend to you to use

  #include <inttypes.h>
  printf ("%" PRIuPTR, (uintptr_t) size_t_value);

with the gnulib module 'inttypes' (LGPLv2+).

If someone insists on a guarantee that
  printf ("%zu", size_t_value);
works, he needs the 'printf-posix' module, which is not available under

I'm reluctant to move all of 'printf-posix', 'fprintf-posix',
'sprintf-posix' to LGPLv2+, including the auxiliary modules
fseterr, isnand-nolibm, isnanl-nolibm, frexp-nolibm, frexpl-nolibm,
printf-frexp, printf-frexpl, signbit, fpucw, because this is a
significant piece of code, and LGPLv3+ has benefits over LGPLv2+ for us.


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