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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt 0.8.6

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
>> Concept wise, do you reckon something like this would work:
>>  + a new libvirt-announce mailing list, low trafic, purely for release
>>     announcements and similar
>> Along with us announcing a '"release candidate" build through it (instead of the
>> present approach).  If it looks good after a period of time (a week or something
>> as you mentioned), then it gets re-released as the actual release.
>> If something turns up significantly broken, then we respin as a release candidate
>> 2 and repeat the process.
> I think this is really viable, because it implies we need another
> week prior to creating the pre-release where we do what we currently
> do with pre-release stabalization. With a monthly release cycle,
> taking 2 weeks todo a release is too much of an time sink.

Perhaps a 24 hour release candidate period?  I have a staging project in
openSUSE Build Service that builds for all currently supported SuSE
products, which is a wide range of capabilities wrt Policy Kit versions,
hal vs udev, libnl, avahi versions, cap-ng, netcf, macvtap, virtualport,
yajl, ...

I can deploy a release candidate tarball to the libvirt package in this
project quickly to test building across these various SuSE products.  I
suspect there is an opportunity for some automation here as well.


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