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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Implement virVMOperationType{To|From}String independent from WITH_MACVTAP

On 12/04/2010 11:37 AM, Matthias Bolte wrote:
> Well, that would not have helped to detect this. The problem here is
> that we allow undefined symbols to be exported on Linux but use the
> libtool -no-undefined option on Windows because exporting undefined
> symbols doesn't work on Windows. We should probably just use
> -no-undefined on all platforms, or do I miss the reason why we need
> this feature of exporting undefined symbols on Linux?

I see no reason why we should avoid -no-undefined on Linux.  Given that
our libraries should already be completely resolved for the sake of
Windows, using -no-undefined on Linux might serve to help catch bugs
that would affect Windows, and should not have any impact in the normal
case of correct exports.

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