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[libvirt] [BUG] intermediate snapshot deleted


I encountered another problem: snapshots are linked to there parent snapshot. 
If the parent snapshot is deleted, the chain gets broken and deleting the 
child snapshot terminates with an error message:
> error: Domain snapshot not found: no domain snapshot parent with matching 
name '1291813671'

I can reproduce this using the following sequence of commands for my 
test-domain called "test" using a singel qcow2 image:
# virsh snapshot-create test # 1291813670
# virsh snapshot-create test # 1291813671
# virsh snapshot-create test # 1291813672
# virsh snapshot-delete test 1291813671
# virsh snapshot-delete test 1291813672

Is this problem known (libvirt-0.8.3)?
Reverting to such an unlinked snapshot is still possible, but deleting it is 

Philipp Hahn
Philipp Hahn           Open Source Software Engineer      hahn univention de   
Univention GmbH        Linux for Your Business        fon: +49 421 22 232- 0
Mary-Somerville-Str.1  28359 Bremen                   fax: +49 421 22 232-99

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