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Re: [libvirt] Got time to try out the libvirt 0.8.6 win32 package?

On 12/12/2010, at 9:50 PM, <arnaud champion devatom fr> <arnaud champion devatom fr> wrote:
> ?Okay, I have tested it.
> At first, this works fine. No install problem, I have installed every thing (python bindings, virsh and dev components).
> I have tested virsh with tcp+qemu and esx URI, both works fine.
> I have also tested with C# libvirt bindings without surprise.

Thanks Arnaud, those are the important bits at this stage. :)

> Maybe a suggestion (don't know if it is pertinent or not) : when I have tried C# bindings, I must copy libvirt binaries dll in the C# bindings directory, so maybe it can be a good idea to add the install path of the /bin dll directory to the PATH environment variable, in this way, no more need to copy dlls.

Sounds like a good idea.  I'm not sure how to do that with NSIS (yet), but it should be possible.

At the moment, I'm thinking that since the installer "works", to use this one as it is.  But, we'll update the Windows page to mention it needs to be added to the path.

When I (or anyone willing) gets a chance to fix the installer, so it updates the path, then we'll can generate a new installer and use that.

Do you have any desire to create the Windows packages?  Kind of thinking that you already know how to create .msi's... :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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