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Re: [libvirt] [C# bindings] [PATCH]

2010/12/8  <arnaud champion devatom fr>:
> Hi there,
> a long time since some update for C# bindings, sorry, I'm a little busy.
> Anyway here are some patches that correct marshaling around network
> functions, and as usual a new sample code related to network functions.

ACK and pushed it.

There are GetUUIDString functions for other types too, do they need
the same treatment?

Is there a specific reason for naming the new example virNetworkd for
VisualStudio? I think this is a typo. Is that correct, then I will
rename it to virNetworks before pushing it?

The new example leaks _conn and _network. I'd like to see leak free
examples. Just yesterday I fixed a memory leak in the VirtualBox
driver that we inherited from the leaky example code in the VirtualBox

ACK and pushed it.


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