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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/10] Re-arrange the QEMU driver code

The QEMU driver is getting horribly large & I constantly find myself
getting lost in it. This series re-arranges the code, pulling out
the following areas of functionality into new files

 - capabilities construction
 - command line arg generation/parsing
 - domain private data / namespace handling
 - audit reporting
 - cgroup management
 - host device management
 - device hotplug 

There is no functional change in any of these patches. A handful
of methods have been renamed if they started with the obsolete
'qemud' prefix.

Since these patches will massively conflict with any further
patches to the QEMU driver, the sooner they're applied the

There is more to be pulled out later which is slightly more
entangled / difficult

 - Events
 - Process startup/shutdown
 - Migration


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