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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/6] vbox: Add Windows support

This series makes the VirtualBox driver work on Windows.

On non-Windows systems VirtualBox uses XPCOM, on Windows it uses MSCOM
(Microsoft COM). XPCOM and MSCOM are slightly different. This series
adds a new glue layer for MSCOM.

The main difference is the representation of arrays. A new vboxArray
type hides the differences from the general driver code.

I've tested this with the 3.x series of VirtualBox. Testing with 2.x
revealed that 2.x and 3.x represent IIDs differently. This problem is
not fixed by this series and will need some additional work. Therefore,
the VirtualBox driver only works with the 3.x series on Windows for now.

VirtualBox 4.x seems to stay in line with the 3.x COM API. I expect it
to work properly on Windows once we've added general support for it.


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