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Re: [libvirt] Got time to try out the libvirt 0.8.6 win32 package?

On 12/12/2010, at 9:50 PM, <arnaud champion devatom fr> <arnaud champion devatom fr> wrote:
> Maybe a suggestion (don't know if it is pertinent or not) : when I have tried C# bindings, I must copy libvirt binaries dll in the C# bindings directory, so maybe it can be a good idea to add the install path of the /bin dll directory to the PATH environment variable, in this way, no more need to copy dlls.

With this specific problem, do you know if "registering" the dll's be the right approach?

Something like:

     regsvr32.exe /s iconv.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s intl.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libcurl-4.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libgcrypt-11.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libgnutls-26.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libgpg-error-0.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libportablexdr-0.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libtasn1-3.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libvirt-0.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libvirt-qemu-0.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s libxml2-2.dll
     regsvr32.exe /s zlib1.dll

(probably with the path names though)

I'm kind of thinking it's the right idea, but am concerned about conflict other applications that might
be using the same libraries (zlib1.dll for example).

Any ideas?

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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