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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] bridge_driver: use conffile for dnsmasq if it exists

2010/12/22 Eric Blake <eblake redhat com>:
> On 12/21/2010 03:40 PM, Paweł Krześniak wrote:
>> This patch adds possibility to run customized DNS/DHCP environment, by
>> spawning dnsmasq with alternative configuration file if such file exists.
>> This allows you to set any parameter described in dnsmasq(8).
>> Configuration file is expected to be located in file named
>> "<network_name>-dnsmasq.conf" in DNSMASQ_STATE_DIR directory.
>> If configuration file doesn't exists dnsmasq is spawned as before.
> You'll want to wait for danpb or DV to comment, but I'm thinking this
> might be rejected, and that instead, we should consider addressing the
> issue of what dnsmasq parameters you want to affect, and how we can
> encode that into the libvirt XML without having to rely on an external
> dnsmasq conf file.

I want to create isolated environment for guests - they will be
connected to one bridge and will use private DNS data. No single
packet from this isolated network can reach external network - this
means no 53/udp traffic to resolvers defined in host's

I'm using following dnsmasq parameters to achive this: no-hosts,
no-resolv, addn-hosts, server.
It will be nice if one could set log-queries and local-ttl also.

With my patch I'm creating config file for this network and dnsmasq
runs with --conf-file=/path/to/my/network_name-dnsmasq.conf option.
This difference *is* visible on processes list.


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