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Re: [libvirt] Anyone interested in forming a libvirt "docs" team?

On 22/12/2010, at 6:50 PM, Zdenek Styblik wrote:
> As for documentation in HTML. How about to write parser which would
> download pages from wiki, cut eg. menu, footer => garbage off, and
> replace it with whatever you want and like? I have to say I haven't seen
> documentation shipped with libvirt [heh?! :) ], but since you say it's
> HTML and Wiki output *is* HTML ... hm? Just an idea.

Heh, interesting thought, but really not sure how workable that is.  *So*
far when I've been transferring things from the wiki to the (basic) HTML
format, I always seem to tweak things or slightly re-arrange them on the
way through.  I kind of feel this human step of editing is nice to have.

But yeah, there is something to be said for efficient automated
approaches too. :)

With the libvirt documentation, it's actually the libvirt.org website (thus
the html).  The entire website is the "docs" subdirectory in the tarball
release.  So, anyone that installs from tarball has the full website.
(I think it's kind of unusual, but other people seem to like it. Heh.)

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