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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] bridge_driver: use conffile for dnsmasq if it exists

On 12/22/2010 04:09 AM, Paweł Krześniak wrote:
2010/12/22 Eric Blake<eblake redhat com>:
On 12/21/2010 03:40 PM, Paweł Krześniak wrote:
This patch adds possibility to run customized DNS/DHCP environment, by
spawning dnsmasq with alternative configuration file if such file exists.
This allows you to set any parameter described in dnsmasq(8).
Configuration file is expected to be located in file named
"<network_name>-dnsmasq.conf" in DNSMASQ_STATE_DIR directory.
If configuration file doesn't exists dnsmasq is spawned as before.
You'll want to wait for danpb or DV to comment, but I'm thinking this
might be rejected, and that instead, we should consider addressing the
issue of what dnsmasq parameters you want to affect, and how we can
encode that into the libvirt XML without having to rely on an external
dnsmasq conf file.
I want to create isolated environment for guests - they will be
connected to one bridge and will use private DNS data. No single
packet from this isolated network can reach external network - this
means no 53/udp traffic to resolvers defined in host's

I'm using following dnsmasq parameters to achive this: no-hosts,
no-resolv, addn-hosts, server.
It will be nice if one could set log-queries and local-ttl also.

With my patch I'm creating config file for this network and dnsmasq
runs with --conf-file=/path/to/my/network_name-dnsmasq.conf option.
This difference *is* visible on processes list.

The following BZ is related to this discussion:


I agree with Eric that this should be discussed with Dan Berrange and/or Daniel Veillard before comitting anything to the tree (definitely it needs doing in some manner, though).

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