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Re: [libvirt] Back and suggested release schedule

于 2010年12月22日 19:30, Daniel Veillard 写道:
   Hello all,

as some of you may have noticed, I'm back online, just in a very
different timezone now !
I'm still behind on reading the list emails but a lot of the changes
in the last month have been refactoring and cleanups, and maybe we ought
to make a new release at the end of the month to try to catch possible
regressions introduced as early as possible. What do people think of a new
release for the new year, which would mean entering freeze over the
week-end. My own testing will probably be limited as most of my machines
are in boxes in a container somewhere, but I should be able to make
a release :-)
Also on the release name, should we go 0.9.0 considering the refactorings
(i.e. indicating future patches will be harder to apply to earlier branches)
or stick to 0.8.7 (considering that there isn't major feature improvement
... unless I missed them !),

   Opinions ?

Vote for 0.8.7, as no major feature improvement indeed.


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