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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv2 12/13] Turn on IPv6 support in the bridge_driver.c virtual network driver

On 12/23/2010 12:41 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 12/22/2010 11:58 AM, Laine Stump wrote:
At this point everything is already in place to make IPv6 happen, we just
need to add a few rules, remove some checks for IPv4-only, and document
the changes to the XML on the website.
No changes from V1.

  docs/formatnetwork.html.in  |   35 +++++++--
Yeah - a patch series with documentation updates!

Heh. Truthfully I was scared you'd NAK it if I didn't update the docs :-P

  static int
  networkAddGeneralIptablesRules(struct network_driver *driver,
                                 virNetworkObjPtr network)
@@ -926,6 +985,11 @@ networkAddGeneralIptablesRules(struct network_driver *driver,
          goto err8;

+    /* add IPv6 general rules, if needed */
+    if (networkAddGeneralIp6tablesRules(driver, network)<  0) {
+        goto err8;
Should this be err9, with a step that undoes the previous action when
you get past the err8 failure point?

I had somehow convinced myself not (because networkAddGeneralIp6tablesRules() undoes itself if it fails), but of course that logic is wrong - it's the *previous* step that needs undoing, so you are absolutely correct. I've squashed in the appropriate call.

+        if (virAsprintf(&field, SYSCTL_PATH "/net/ipv6/conf/%s/disable_ipv6",
+                        network->def->bridge)<  0) {
+        if (virFileWriteStr(field, "1", 0)<  0) {
+            virReportSystemError(errno,
+                                 _("cannot enable %s"), field);
Misleading message; maybe "cannot write to %s to disable IPv6".


@@ -1755,7 +1845,8 @@ cleanup:
  static int networkUndefine(virNetworkPtr net) {
      struct network_driver *driver = net->conn->networkPrivateData;
      virNetworkObjPtr network;
-    virNetworkIpDefPtr ipv4def;
+    virNetworkIpDefPtr ipdef;
+    int v4present = 0, v6present = 0;


@@ -1780,12 +1871,17 @@ static int networkUndefine(virNetworkPtr net) {

      /* we only support dhcp on one IPv4 address per defined network */
      for (ii = 0;
-         (ipv4def = virNetworkDefGetIpByIndex(network->def, AF_INET, ii));
+         (ipdef = virNetworkDefGetIpByIndex(network->def, AF_UNSPEC, ii));
           ii++) {
-        if (ipv4def->nranges || ipv4def->nhosts)
-            break;
+        if (VIR_SOCKET_IS_FAMILY(&ipdef->address, AF_INET)) {
+            if (ipdef->nranges || ipdef->nhosts)
+                v4present = 1;
At first glance, this logic didn't sound right.  You only set v4present
if you found a dhcp interface, ignoring other ipv4 interfaces.  Then

+        } else if (VIR_SOCKET_IS_FAMILY(&ipdef->address, AF_INET6)) {
+            v6present = 1;
+        }
-    if (ipv4def) {
+    if (v4present) {
          dnsmasqContext *dctx = dnsmasqContextNew(network->def->name, DNSMASQ_STATE_DIR);
you only use it to disable dnsmasq rather than all things related to
IPv4, so maybe it would be better to rename the variable to dhcp_present
instead of v4present.

Sure. I almost did that originally, and can't say why I didn't (I guess my left brain liked the symmetry of the names or something).

ACK with those nits addressed.

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