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Re: [libvirt] fork of php-libvirt

Dne 29.12.2010 8:00, Lyre napsal(a):
I've added many APIs to php-libvirt, including network, node device,
interface, and snapshot support.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to contact original author Radek, I really
hope he can see this.

So I  forked it, the address is: https://github.com/4179e1/php-libvirt

But there's something undone, as a new php extension writer, I don't
know how the documents are generated. Any clues are appreciated.

BTW, I've pack php-libvirt into rpm via opensuse build service,
currently: it's ready on openSuSE 11.3 & SLES 11 SP1; fedora 14 should
works too (it works on my VM), but the obs environment is not ready yet;
and there's something need to workaround on rhel6. check here:

libvir-list mailing list
libvir-list redhat com

thank you for all the work. Now I found an email from you in a spam folder :-( I will send you more information about how the documentation is done.


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