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Re: [libvirt] Live migration woes

Quoting Thomas Treutner <thomas scripty at>:


is anyone using libvirt-git and qemu-kvm post-0.11 and can live migrate VMs
successfully for- and backwards? qemu-kvm-0.11 seems to be the latest release
were live migration works, and I'm trying to figure out if its a kvm or
libvirt problem, since there were other things (balloon parameter f.e.) that
were changed with qemu-kvm-0.12 and caused troubles when using libvirt.


I'm using the virt-preview repo (rawhide) and I just noticed, today, after re-upgrading to 0.12.2-5 (since -4 has a rather nasty IO problem for virtio devices against raw image files) that my live-migrations fail with the following error message on the destination system (i.e. the system the I'm trying to migrate to):

Unknown savevm section -2038417646
load of migration failed

Also, in the same log file, I'm seeing:
Warning: vlan 0 with no nics
Option 'ipv4': Use 'on' or 'off'
Failed to parse "yes" for "dummy.ipv4"

But that may not be related to the migration failing.

// Thomas

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