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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 1/4] Addition of XenAPI support to libvirt

> This is a patch to add XenAPI driver support for libvirt version 0.7.6. XenAPI can be used against XenCloud platform and
> managed through virsh and virt-manger. This patch supports domain related APIs in libvirt. It is possible to get domain information,
> list active and inactive domains, get Domain XML configuration and Start/stop/pause/shutdown/destroy VMs.
> There will be more patches after this review to support more libvirt APIs and add remote storage support to XenAPI.
> In order to run this patch you would require libxenserver library.
> Libxenserver library can be downloaded from http://community.citrix.com/download/attachments/38633496/libxenserver-5.5.0-1-src.tar.bz2?version=1
> Copy the libxenserver folder in the same directory level as libvirt.

I don't really like this idea of downloading libxenserver to a special
location relative to libvirt and then building/linking against it especially
as libvirt will use libxenserver shared library. How would you install libvirt
build in such environment?

It is much better to require libxenserver package to be installed in the same
way as other dependencies are required and then detect it in configure.ac.
Then, you can use --with=libxenserver=path if it's installed in some special

Also make sure libvirt compiles after every single patch from your series.
Especially, you shouldn't change makefiles before the new source files are


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