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Re: [libvirt] FW: [PATCH 1/4] Addition of XenAPI support to libvirt

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 11:33:36AM +0000, Sharadha Prabhakar (3P) wrote:
>   thanks for the patch, just started to look at it.
>   I assume that by libxenserver you mean the code to be added under src
> in a following patch, right ?
> -> libxenserver is a library which provides APIs for performing various
> Operations on the hypervisor. You can download it from 
> http://community.citrix.com/download/attachments/38633496/libxenserver-5.5.0-1-src.tar.bz2?version=1
> libxenserver folder should be in the same directory level of libvirt.

  Sorry that's not possible. Either the code is in libvirt, and in that
case it doesn't have to be downloaded, but part of the patch submission
(and managed on this list) , or it's a new external dependancy and it's
availability must be checked by configure.ac.
  If we add a new dependancy, it must also be checked for Licence
compatibility. So far we have always refused to use a third party
library to access the hypervisor itself, libvirt(d) talking directly to
the hypervisor components or launching it directly. For example we don't
rely on the VMWare libraries to talk to ESX.

> [...]
> > +endif
> > +#libvirt_driver_xenapi_la_LIBADD = $(XENAPI_LIBS)
> > +libvirt_driver_xenapi_la_CFLAGS = $(XEN_CFLAGS) \
> > +                                  $(shell xml2-config --cflags) \
> > +                                  $(shell curl-config --cflags)
> > +libvirt_driver_xenapi_la_LDFLAGS = -L top_srcdir@/../libxenserver/ -lxenserver -g $(shell xml2-config --libs) \
> > +                                  $(shell curl-config --libs)
>   Hum, libxml2 is already fully detected in configure.ac, use the
> LIBXML_* variables instead of trying to exec xml2-config.
> -> I've added the LIBXML_ flags in Makefile.am and posted the patch.

  okay, we will review this, but note that we start the feature freeze
for 0.7.7 this week-end, so next week is more likely to be focused on
bug fixes for already commited features.

>   Similary libcurl i looked at in configure.ac for ESX, this need
> to be modified to be checked more generally and the LIBCURL_*
> variables need to be used here too.
> -> I didn't quite understand the libcurl part you mentioned. I too noticed that ESX has
> a piece of code in configure.ac to set the libcurl flags, do you want me to do add a similar
> bit of code in configure.ac for XenAPI that defines LIBCURL flags and then add in my Makefile.am?

  the code to look for libcurl in configure.ac is currently only
activated if esx support is on. It must be run if either esx or xen-api
are selected, the ESX portion need to be modified accordingly, and 
your parts and Makefiles patches too.


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