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[libvirt] RFC: Libvirt FAQ

Hi all,

If you spend enough time on #virt and various virt mailing lists, there
are quite a few libvirt questions that come up regularly. So, largely in
an effort to save myself and everyone from repeating ourselves, I've put
together a libvirt FAQ, found here:


Some of the really common questions that I tried to answer (paraphrased):

Q) Where does libvirt store the VM XML?
A) You shouldn't really care, use virsh edit/dumpxml/define/undefine

Q) How do I access the qemu monitor with libvirt?
A) You don't, monitor commands should be provided by libvirt APIs, take
a look at this complete list...

Q) Why is libvirt messing with iptables?
A) Providing NAT based network access for your VMs. If you don't want
it, here's how to get rid of it.

I've also tried to answer some questions that I don't feel have good
straightforward answers in a highly visible place, like:

- What is libvirt?
- What is some of the major functionality provided by libvirt?
- What does it mean when someone says 'I use libvirt'?
- Difference between qemu:///system and qemu:///session

Feel free to make any additions or mention any feedback. At the very
least, please take a glance, so when someone inevitably asks one of
these questions, you know to point them to the FAQ, rather than type out
an answer.

If people think this is useful, we can link to it from the main
libvirt.org page, and merge the current static FAQ content linked from
the sidebar into the wiki page.


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