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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] maint: improve bootstrap

According to Jim Meyering on 2/23/2010 10:31 AM:
>> For that matter, maybe we should push yours first; the commit message in
>> 3/4 can then use a bit of tweaking, if we then match bootstrap to
>> ./.gnulib/build-aux/bootstrap.
> If that's all you want to change, just send me an updated patch
> and I'll plug it in.

If you commit the gnulib sync first, then this is an appropriate commit
log for 3/4:

maint: import modern bootstrap

Copy the latest gnulib bootstrap, which runs autoreconf and
generates po/Makevars for us.  Other improvements include some
improved prerequisite tool checking.

This also fixes a bug in the .pot files, regarding the copyright holder.

* bootstrap: Update to version in .gnulib/build-aux.
(gnulib_mk, ACLOCAL, bootstrap_epilogue): Provide overrides.
* autogen.sh (autoreconf): Avoid redundant autoreconf if bootstrap
was run.
* po/Makevars: Delete, now that bootstrap creates it.
* po/.gitignore: Update.


> Before or after shouldn't matter, as long as the Makevars-removing
> commit and the .gnulib-udpating one are pushed at the same time.

If you commit my changes first, then

* bootstrap: Update to version in .gnulib/build-aux.

should change to:

* bootstrap: Update to latest version from upstream gnulib.

>> I guess I should also do a followup patch to README-hacking to give the
>> hint about setting GNULIB_SRCDIR to reduce download time if you already
>> have a local copy of gnulib.git.
> Good idea.

Coming later today, after I've had lunch.

Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake             ebb9 byu net

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