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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 3/4] Add a simple macro to check in which library dlopen() is, and use it.

Il giorno mer, 24/02/2010 alle 08.21 -0700, Eric Blake ha scritto:
> Just curious: Why the choice of AFX_, and not something like LV_ for libvirt?

Because I plan to finish this up and send it down to autoconf-archive
asap as it's not the first time I have to get something like this ;)

> The shell expansion ${a#b} is not portable to Solaris /bin/sh.  Is that a
> problem for libvirt, or are we Linux-centric enough to not care?

That's definitely a problem I didn't think about, I was expecting POSIX
shell to support that, but I'll look for another way.

> Underquoted; if the AC_MSG_ERROR were ever changed to contain a comma,
> then this would be passing an unintentional extra argument to

I have to double check that one but I think that if I were to quote that
it wouldn't expand properly.

> Is this something that would be worth wrapping in an AC_CACHE_CHECK, to
> avoid repeating the check if config.cache exists?

The inner check is already cached, so I don't think there is much need
for adding one further cache…

But this actually made me think that we might as well just use
AC_SEARCH_LIB and rely on the value stored in the cache to begin with so
I'll send a different version in a moment.

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