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Re: [libvirt] libvirt/dnsmasq integration.

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 02:34:53PM +0000, Simon Kelley wrote:
> [...]
>> Does that make sense? It's a long and involved explanation to come to  
>> cold. I fear I may have over-simplified what libvirt is doing with  
>> dnsmasq, in which case please enlighten me and I'll modify my scheme to  
>> take that into account. If this looks good I can easily have the  
>> necessary dnsmasq changes in the next release.
> I read through it and it makes sense to me.
> The only thing: is /etc/dnsmasq.d a true standard across all distros?
> It is for Fedora, but an old Debian distro I use does not have this
> directory.

The ability to read config fragments from a directory has been in
dnsmasq since version 2.32 (effectively, forever). The Debian (and by
inheritance, Ubuntu) packages have created and automatically searched
/etc/dnsmasq.d since 2.46, released in November 2008. That's not quite
old enough to be in the current Debian stable, which has 2.45.

All this is slighly moot, since this scheme needs changes to dnsmasq.
Those can easily go into the next release.

> Is '/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart' a reliable way to restart the system
> dnsmasq across all distros?  (Perhaps 'service dnsmasq restart' is
> better?).

Almost certainly. Could this be a hook supplied by the distro packaging?


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