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Re: [libvirt] FISL 11 - Abstract submited

On Wed, 02 Jun 2010 02:49:08 -0300
Eduardo Otubo <otubo linux vnet ibm com> wrote:

> Last year, Daniel Veillard was invited to talk about Libvirt. I was 
> excited to see his lecture but ended up he couldn't come. This year, I 
> volunteered myself to speak about the project on the event, DV said it 
> was a great idea because he couldn't come again and nobody from project 
> would do as well.

 Nice. FISL is one of the biggest FOSS congress is Brazil, I think
it's a good idea to have someone talking about libvirt there.

 I've submitted a QMP proposal too.

> The thing is, I submited the abstract for early review a few weeks ago, 
> and I still don't know if it was approved or not. But I don't want to 
> wait the answer to start working on the slides and the content of the 
> lecture, need to get it done as soon as possible to make a great work 
> for us all.

 Dan P. and Dan V. don't you have slides from previous presentations
to share?

> My idea is to talk about (not on this order):
>   * How libvirt works / macro view / cases
>   * Internals

 IMO, talking about internals is not a good idea, explaining how to get
started from user POV (eg. virsh) and from programmer POV (API & bindings)
is certainly better.

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