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Re: [libvirt] Segfault in libvirtd when run as a service

2010/6/10 Emre Erenoglu <erenoglu gmail com>:
> Dear list,
> I'm trying to package libvirt 0.8.1 for our distribution, Pardus 2009.2.
> libvirt is installed perfectly normal, and libvirtd runs OK when I start it
> in a console using root account.
> However, when I start libvirtd as a service, with the same parameters,
> through the normal service startup functions, it segfaults.
> The services in Pardus 2009.2 are started using a management backend which
> works with python and service start/stop scripts are python based.
> For libvirt, it's the following:
> http://svn.pardus.org.tr/pardus/playground/ozan/libvirt/comar/service.py
> Whatever I did, I couldn't find why libvirt is crashing. It works normal
> when I run it from console with exactly the same parameters. Here's an
> earlier syslog section ending with the crash:

There are some things to consider:

- Did you use the exact same commandline as the initscript when
testing manually?
- Did you make sure to use the same environment variable configuration
when starting libvirtd manually, compared to the initscript?

Could you provide a GDB backtrace of the segfault? The syslog entry
only says that it crashed in libc, that's not enough information to
debug the segfault.


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