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[libvirt] Comments on the libvirt java changes


I have looked over the patches which you have posted up at http://github.com/LuisCM/libvirt-java-0.4.6/commits/master. First and formost, thank you for your interest in libvirt and hte java bindings.

A couple of minor comments. It would be easier for me if the repo did not have a version number, and if it were just a clone of the main repo with changes on top of it. Second, please try and remove trailing white spaces from flies you check in. Most IDE's allow this by default. Finally, please try and seperate out style/formatting chnages from functional ones. It makes it easier to know what to bring in.


Commit fc394b15e6e1f0f5135bdfd3335b6cc26b635ae7
This was a big change, but the pattern I see is:
1) Make everything final
2) ( xxxx ) instead of (xxx)
3) Comment clean up.
4) Explict use of this.

Is that correct? Are there other items in there? If so, on (1) what is the reason for maknig everything final? Is this a performance choice? I personally tend to make nothing private since it limits what others can do with the code. Final seems to add in similar contraints.

Commit 44055c0ab13c56190e9cc00f71b71e23b2fc7c9b
This looks like adding some better toStrings. Is that correct?

-- bk

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