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[libvirt] Ask for help about libvirt error: can't get physical interface data for kvm.


I find this mail address from the internet and hope I can get the reply from anyone of you, that will be very appreciated.

I'm using virsh to manage the KVM(qemu-kvm 0.12.4, libvirt 0.8.1), but I encounter an error as below:

I saw both libvirt api and virsh commands support to get the physical interfaces data, but it always fail when I using them for KVM hypervisor. I was thought that it was due to the old version of libvirt/KVM hypervisor, but the error still exist when using the latest libvirt and kvm hypervisor.

So I wonder if the following functions of libvirt haven't been implemented for KVM, could you pls help me get the answer about this? Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Fengdan Liu
Tivoli ITCAM Solution, IBM China Software Development Lab,
Tel:   13811762746
Email: liufengd cn ibm com
3/F, Haohai Bldg., No.7, 5th Street, Shangdi,
Haidian District, Beijing 100085, P.R.China

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