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Re: [libvirt] FYI: a short guide to libvirt & network filtering iptables/ebtables use

On 07/01/2010 01:30 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
I'd rather this content were in the appropriate pages in the main
website rather than the wiki, because the wiki pages never fit into
the site navigation well&  this content is relevant for several of
the existing pages on the site.

I'm thinking a new page under 'Documentation ->  Deployment ->  Firewall'
with info that's relevant to administrators. Cross-referencing from
the driver pages for QEMU, Networking where appropriate.  Also need
to add content about firewall needs for guest migration, and VNC access

No worries. I'll submit an initial bulk patch that gets this info in place in a new something.html.in file, and you can massage that as needed?

+ Justin

Salasaga  -  Open Source eLearning IDE

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