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Re: [libvirt] question on network interface of LXC domain

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 09:34:11PM +0800, Osier Yang wrote:
> Hello there
>     with newest libvirt,  when I connect to the container via
> console,  then execute "ifconfig", there will be no output, though
> the network works fine.  and "/proc/net/dev" of container seems good
> too.  (has entries about "eth0" and "lo").  I traced the call
> procedure of "ifconfig", it reads the infomations of network
> interface from "/proc/net/dev" and vise visa.  so I'm confused about
> what cause this problem.
>     there is no problem with libvirt-0.8.0-4.

  That's rather strange, as I don't spot any lxc specific patch being
applied between libvirt-0.8.0 and 0.8.1 . Are you sure you were using
the same kernel for both tests ?


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