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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt PATCH] Port-profile ID support using IFLA_VF_PORT_PROFILE netlink msg

On 5/10/10 1:07 PM, "Stefan Berger" <stefanb us ibm com> wrote:

> Scott Feldman <scofeldm cisco com> wrote on 05/10/2010 03:53:45 PM:
>> 3) Create a port-profile manager for LLDPAD to map port-profile to
>> internal protocol settings.  The mapping would resolve VDP parameters,
>> for example, given a port-profile.  Like:
>>     port-profile: "joes-garage"   --->  VSI Manager ID: 15
>>                                         VSI Type ID: 12345
>>                                         VSI Type ID Ver: 1
> Sounds like this would require a whole new management API to get this
> mapping onto the machine and that probably isn't anywhere in place
> today...

Yes, that's what's required for step 3).

>> Comments?
> 802.1Qbg + 802.1Qbh => 802.1Qbi  :-)

Ah, that reminds me I forgot one other good quality about my proposal:

    8) Allows pre-standards (bg and bh) to change, but the
       implementation details are hidden from the netlink API.


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