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Re: [libvirt] VIR_WARN and VIR_WARN0: many diags were not marked for translation

Jiri Denemark wrote:

>> > Nonetheless, many of my manual changes highlighted
>> > existing (bogus) attempts to translate VIR_WARN0? diagnostics.
>> > Those should be addressed regardless.
>> >
>> > Considering the large number of existing VIR_WARN uses with strings
>> > marked for translation, do you want to reconsider?
>> >
>> >     $ git grep 'VIR_WARN.*_('|wc -l
>> >     60
>> >
>> > or would you prefer to remove the _(...) marks on those 60 uses?
>> Yes, pretty much all of them can be removed. I notice there are also needless
>> translations in a handful of files with VIR_DEBUG, and for VIR_ERROR too.
> IIRC, there was an agreement on the list that VIR_ERROR should be left
> translated since those messages can make their way to end users.

Thanks for the clarification.
I've done the VIR_WARN* normalization (will post shortly)
and will eventually do the following, too:

  ensure that all VIR_ERROR diagnostics are marked
  ensure that *no* VIR_DEBUG diagnostic is marked

That is consistent with existing trends:
  - very few VIR_DEBUG diagnostics are marked, and
  - barely 1/3 of the VIR_ERROR diagnostics are unmarked

  $ git grep 'VIR_ERROR\s*("'|wc -l
  $ git grep 'VIR_ERROR\s*(_('|wc -l

  $ git grep 'VIR_DEBUG\s*("'|wc -l
  $ git grep 'VIR_DEBUG\s*(_('|wc -l

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