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Re: [libvirt] VIR_ERROR and VIR_DEBUG normalization

Eric Blake wrote:

> On 05/20/2010 01:11 AM, Jim Meyering wrote:
>> Most of the following changes have been induced automatically.
>> The few outliers done manually are marked as such.
>> [PATCH 01/10] maint: use VIR_ERROR0 rather than VIR_ERROR with a bare "%s"
>> [PATCH 02/10] maint: mark translatable string args of VIR_ERROR0
>> [PATCH 03/10] maint: mark translatable string args of VIR_ERROR
>> [PATCH 04/10] maint: VIR_ERROR/VIR_ERROR0: mark up the remaining ones manually
>> [PATCH 05/10] maint: more of same, but manual: convert VIR_ERROR("%s" to VIR_ERROR0(
>> [PATCH 06/10] maint: change "" in err ? err->message : "" to _("unknown error"), ...
>> [PATCH 07/10] maint: enforce policy wrt VIR_ERROR and VIR_ERROR0
>> [PATCH 08/10] maint: don't mark VIR_DEBUG or VIR_DEBUG0 diagnostics for translation
>> [PATCH 09/10] maint: enforce policy wrt VIR_DEBUG and VIR_DEBUG0
>> [PATCH 10/10] maint: update po/POTFILES.in
> I glanced through everything in the series, and didn't see any issues
> other than the possible fact that a 'make syntax-check' could fail when
> bisecting lands in the middle of the series due to a mismatch in
> po/POTFILES.in vs. translated strings.  But I don't see any better way
> to arrange the series, so:

Good catch.
I debated whether to take the time to find the change set(s) that
induced the requirement for those POTFILES.in additions, but didn't
think it'd be worthwhile.

> ACK to all 10.

Thanks for the review.

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