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Re: [libvirt] PCI/USB devices documentation

于 2010年11月01日 21:38, Zdenek Styblik 写道:

so far unsuccessfully, I'm trying to attach PCI/USB devices to Guests
(via virt-manager, soon via virsh because - whatever :]).
Anyway, there is<hostdev managed='yes'>  where I'm wondering what
'managed' means, because it's not documented here[1].
Is it a bug or is it documented elsewhere?

In managed mode, the configured device will be automatically detached from the host OS drivers when the guest is started, and then re-attached when the guest shuts down. In unmanaged mode, the device must be explicit detached ahead of booting the guest. The guest will refuse to start if the device is still attached to the host OS.

see: http://libvirt.org/guide/html/Application_Development_Guide-Device_Config-PCI_Pass.html

think we need document it in nodedev xml.. :-)

- Osier

btw also, 'Node devices XML format'[2] page is empty


[1] http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsUSB
[2] http://libvirt.org/formatnode.html

PS: I haven't forgotten about Slackware SSH how-to, but- *sigh* I promise!

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