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[libvirt] could no query memory balloon allocation


I am playing around with libvirt and KVM on a Debian sid system (with
a self-built kernel 2.6.36, 64bit kernel and 32bit userland). I have
pulled libvirt 0.8.4 from experimental.

When I try staring a VM using virtu-manager, I get the error message
"Error starting domain: operation failed: could not query memory
balloon allocation". This is probably some weird timing issue - when I
have an strace attached to the libvirtd, everything is fine.

In the #kvm IRC channel, people have told me that there may be an
issue between some kernel versions and some libvirt versions, but
neither the list archives nor the git changelog of 0.8.5 indicate such
an issue (and #virt on oftc is quiet as usual).

Can anybody explain what is going on on my system and what I could do
to work around the issue?


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