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[libvirt] New PHP bindings


There are few PHP libvirt bindings out there, but all I found are procedural based and incomplete.

To address this I created another binding that is OO based and in large part generated from libvirt-api.xml.

The extension already supports most of the API, split into 6 classes: virConnect, virDomain, virInterface, virNetwork, virStoragePool, and virStorageVol.

Snapshot of the current code can be found at:
Or using svn from:

Build instructions are in the README file.
Documents can be found at http://libvirt-debian.vm.antab.is/
NOTE: Most of the docs are copied from libvirt.

It has mostly been tested with libvirt test backend and PHP unit tests (phpt) are used to test, covering about 40% of basic usage.

It is by no means complete and missing some functionality like classmaps (So virConnect::domainLookupBy* can return user defined class extended from virDomain) and probably leaks memory.

I would appreciate any input and comments.

	Arnar Mar Sig

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