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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] [V1] virsh: Categorize commands into groups for virsh help output

On Nov 5, 2010, at 7:16 PM, Osier Yang wrote:
> Also support output help information of specified command group, e.g.
> % ./tools/virsh help "Network Filter"
>  - not sure if it's fine of group name contains space, Because it need
>    user to quote the whole group name when input. Probly we need some
>    abstract group names for user.

In general, this all looks like a good start.  :)

The quoted group names bit though... yeah, it's not good for usability.  :/

Thinking here, that we should aim for something where a person can type in
one simple key word (preferably tab completion works on it too).


  virsh # help filter
  (outputs Network Filter help info)

Actually, the tab completion isn't all that required.  If it's an easy thing to add, then
"might as well", but if it's a bunch of coding then it's probably not worth it. :)

With the group key words, they could be listed in the help text itself, something

  virsh # help
    Network Filter (help keyword 'filter')
       nwfilter-define                define or update a network filter from an XML file
       nwfilter-undefine              undefine a network filter
       nwfilter-dumpxml               network filter information in XML
       nwfilter-list                  list network filters
       nwfilter-edit                  edit XML configuration for a network filter

It might make the help output look a bit messy, but its nice and clear and puts
info in front of people at the point they need it.

As a starting point, if the above seems reasonable to you, how's this for keywords?

  "Domain Management"  -> domain
  "Domain Monitoring" -> monitor
  "Storage Pool" -> pool
  "Storage Volume" -> volume
  "Networking" -> network
  "Node Device" -> device
  "Interface" -> interface
  "Network Filter" -> filter 
  "Secret" -> secret 
  "Snapshot" -> snapshot
  "Host and Hypervisor" -> host
  "Virsh Itself" -> virsh

I've thrown the keywords above onto the wiki page, in case it helps:



+ Justin

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