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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] [V1] virsh: Categorize commands into groups for virsh help output

于 2010年11月05日 17:27, Justin Clift 写道:
On Nov 5, 2010, at 7:16 PM, Osier Yang wrote:
Also support output help information of specified command group, e.g.

% ./tools/virsh help "Network Filter"

  - not sure if it's fine of group name contains space, Because it need
    user to quote the whole group name when input. Probly we need some
    abstract group names for user.

In general, this all looks like a good start.  :)

The quoted group names bit though... yeah, it's not good for usability.  :/

Thinking here, that we should aim for something where a person can type in
one simple key word (preferably tab completion works on it too).


   virsh # help filter
   (outputs Network Filter help info)

Actually, the tab completion isn't all that required.  If it's an easy thing to add, then
"might as well", but if it's a bunch of coding then it's probably not worth it. :)

Currently virsh just tab completes the first command and options of
that command.. e.g.

"virsh # migrate --"

"virsh # help some_command" doesn't support tab completion for

think it's no need to add it, it's only helpful for "help" command,
and yes, a bunch of coding, and also it will make "help" confused
if we use the short key word for groups, e.g. suppose we use "domain"
as the key word for "domain management" group. then what should
"virsh # help dom" behave? :-)

With the group key words, they could be listed in the help text itself, something

   virsh # help
     Network Filter (help keyword 'filter')
        nwfilter-define                define or update a network filter from an XML file
        nwfilter-undefine              undefine a network filter
        nwfilter-dumpxml               network filter information in XML
        nwfilter-list                  list network filters
        nwfilter-edit                  edit XML configuration for a network filter

It might make the help output look a bit messy, but its nice and clear and puts
info in front of people at the point they need it.

As a starting point, if the above seems reasonable to you, how's this for keywords?

   "Domain Management"  ->  domain
   "Domain Monitoring" ->  monitor
   "Storage Pool" ->  pool
   "Storage Volume" ->  volume
   "Networking" ->  network
   "Node Device" ->  device

nodedev instead?

   "Interface" ->  interface
   "Network Filter" ->  filter
   "Secret" ->  secret
   "Snapshot" ->  snapshot
   "Host and Hypervisor" ->  host
   "Virsh Itself" ->  virsh

I've thrown the keywords above onto the wiki page, in case it helps:


it's the guide, thanks :-)

- Osier


+ Justin

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