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Re: [libvirt] race condtion in getting VNC port for libvirt

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 01:21:24AM +0800, Guangya Liu wrote:
> Thanks Daniel for the info.
> But I still have a question, since we already make the call
> qemudDomainCreate synced, why do we need to introduce a bitmap to
> resolve the problem of getting VNC port conflict error? If
> qemudDomainCreate is synced, then there should not any problem with VNC
> port.

Previously, libvirt would call bind() on port numbers until it found
one free, then close() the socket & launch QEMU telling it to open
that port again. Thus there is a race between libvirt finding a free
port with bind()+close() for the first VM, and QEMU actually opening
it, where libvirt could then start looking for another port for a
second VM. The libvirt driver lock doesn't solve that, because the code
involves a separate QEMU process with is outside the context of the

With the bitmap code, libvirt now records that it assigned this
port number to a VM, so when libvirt goes to start a second VM
it won't reuse this port, even if the first QEMU hasn't yet got
around to opening it.

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