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Re: [libvirt] Per user preference file

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 11:14:09AM +1100, Justin Clift wrote:
> Hi all,
> Had a thought the other night, about a possible approach to having a "per user" libvirt preferences file.
> How about, in the user's home directory, we have a single text file, say ".libvirt-prefs", structured something like this:
>  [common]
>  default_uri = qemu+ssh://somehost/system
>  default_socket = /path/to/somewhere-socket
>  default_session_type = system
>  tls_client_cert = /path/to/somewhere.cert
>  tls_client_key = /path/to/somewhere.key
>  log_file=/path/to/logfile.log
>  some_other_preference=value

This is fine, except that default_session_type and default_socket
are already encoded as part of the URI.

>  [gtk-vnc]
>  tls_client_cert = /path/that/overrides/the/common/section/if/present/somefile.cert
>  tls_client_key = /path/that/overrides/the/common/section/if/present/somefile.key

gtk-vnc is not tied to libvirt and so won't be using libvirt to
store its preferences. Setting defaults for the library is really
an application level problem, so it'd be part of say virt-viewer

>  [virt-viewer]
>  more_overrides=/value/foo

This isn't really something virt-viewer wants to use either. As a graphical
desktop application, any preferences will belong in GConf / GSettings, as
does virt-manager.

So I'd really just call this ~/.virshrc

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