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[libvirt] Experimental 32-bit windows libvirt installer

Hi all,

If people have time to try out a tentative first "Libvirt Windows Installer", it's
online here:


At the moment it includes the libvirt development headers and libraries
for compiling against, plus the virsh shell with it's needed dependencies,
and that's about it.

It's been compiled on Windows 7 x86_64, but (in theory) might also work
on earlier windows versions like Vista and XP. (not yet tested)

A couple of notes:

 + This installer is _not_ production ready.  More like early, early stage
    alpha. ;)

 + This installer just repackages the files compiled using Matthias
    Bolte's msys_setup scripting:


 + This is a .exe installer, created using NSIS.  Mathias Bolte mentioned,
    it might be a better idea to use something that creates .msi files, which
    I kind of agree with.  So, next versions will probably not be NSIS based,
    but no idea what they will be based upon yet.

 + The only connection type I've tried, and that's known to work for sure,
    is qemu+tcp://.  qemu+ssh:// doesn't work on windows (at this stage),
    and qemu+tls:// (on windows) doesn't work due to a problem with

    If anyone has time to look into the GnuTLS problem, that would be really
    helpful. :)

 + This version includes Python bindings, but I haven't tried/tested them. :)

 + Suggestions for what else to include are welcome.  ie. other bindings (C#,
     what else?), and so on

 + The NSIS installer scripting is on github if anyone's interested:


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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