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Re: [libvirt] VMware Workstation/Player support

2010/11/12 Jean-Baptiste Rouault <jean-baptiste rouault diateam net>:
> On Tuesday 27 July 2010 20:42:01 Matthias Bolte wrote:
>> We'll need to move the VMX handling code from src/esx to src/util,
>> because drivers are not allowed to depend on each other.
>> That should be possible, but will require some refactoring, because
>> this code is currently closely entangled with the reset of the ESX
>> driver in some places and parts of it are probably quite ESX specific.
> Hi,
> As of today we have a "proof of concept" vmware driver with
> basic functions implemented (open/close, define/undefine, create,
> start/shutdown...)
> However it currently depends on the esx driver for the VMX handling code.
> Has anyone started to think of the needed refactoring ? If any help is needed
> to refactor I guess I could find some time to work on it.
> Jean-Baptiste

A while ago I started to refactor some obviously ESX specific stuff
out of the VMX code into a callback mechanism.

One thing I'm going to change is the product version handling.

There should be no major problem left in the VMX code that could stop
it from being moved to src/util/.

As you say you have some basic stuff working now, maybe it's a good
idea that you show you code here for an initial review and let me do
the refactoring once I can see how you use the VMX code.


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