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Re: [libvirt] [C# bindings][Pathces] Marshaling corrections, coverage and new sample

2010/11/13  <arnaud champion devatom fr>:
> Hi there,
> here are some new patches for the C# bindings.
> These patches correct marshaling in domain statistics (block / interface /
> info) and error structure. These parches also add a new sample code.
> I have included the coverage also.
> regards,
> Arnaud

Okay, I pushed the 0001-Correct-virGetLastError-marshaling.patch.

The 0001-Add-sample-virDomainStats.patch depends on the

In 0001-Correct-virDomainBlockStats-virDomainInterfaceStats-.patch you
used UnmanagedType.SysUInt to marshal a ulong in NodeInfo. This fixes
the problem with long having different sizes on 32bit and 64bit
systems. But for some reason you used UnmanagedType.I8 to marshal long
in DomainInterfaceStatsStruct and DomainBlockStatsStruct. I think this
is wrong on 32bit systems and should be UnmanagedType.SysInt instead,
shouldn't it?

Also this comment "// TODO virDomainMemoryStats : Currently disabled
in libvirt" is wrong. It's not disabled in libvirt, it's disabled in

0001-Forgot-comments-on-new-sample.patch is just an incremental fix
for 0001-Add-sample-virDomainStats.patch and I'll squash the fix into
it when I can push it.


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