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[libvirt] OpenSource-Management of private Clouds and Virtualisation

I want to announce the current version of the UnifiedSessionsManager.
An OpenSource-Toolset providing a neatless interface for the vendor
independent use and administration of virtual and physical systems.

  Private-Clouds - the "Intranet"!

The license is  GPL3+FDL-1.3+CCL-3.0.


The release is going to accomplish the foreseen feature set for
the first step, scripting enabled commandline interface comprising
tools for automation of creation, registration, inventory scanning and
application of distributed virtual and physical mashines.

Support for all major Linux host based hypervisors additionally including
VMware-ESX/ESXi(TM)(under dev.) and XenServer(TM)(under dev.).
The creation of grafical startmenus for Freedesktop.org/XDG -
currently Gnome and KDE(still alpha - icons).


Current supported Systems:

  Hypervisor(Linux based):
    KVM, QEMU(TM), VirtualBox(TM),
    VMware(Player/Server/Workstation)(TM), XEN(TM)

    Current version has consolen- dnd desktop access only
    for  VMware-ESX(TM), XenServer(TM)

  Linux(TM - refer to Legal):
   CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Knoppix, Mandriva, RedHat Enterprise,
   Linux, ScientificLinux, SuSE, OpenSUSE, Oracle UnbreakableLinux,
  Linux-Smartphones/Netbooks(TM - refer to Legal):
   Android, MeeGo

  BSD(TM - refer to Legal):
   FreeBSD, OpenBSD

  Sun/Oracle(TM - refer to Legal):
   Solaris, OpenSolaris

  Graphical User Interfaces(TM - refer to Legal):
    X11, Gnome, KDE, fvwm, xfce

  Consoles(TM - refer to Legal):
    CLI, XTerm, gnome-terminal, Emacs, RDP, VNC, VMware, VMRC


  Most listed system names are protected trademarks(TM) of their owners,
  in any case they are protected by their copyright(C).
  A listing of their legal owner is contained in the documentation,
  if one is forgotten, this will be corrected immediately.

  Imprint see datasheet.

Yours sincerly
Arno-Can Uestuensoez


For emails related to the UnifiedSessionsManager use
acue_sf1 sourceforge net


Arno-Can Uestuensoez


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