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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/8] Initial integration of lock managers

This patch series is the bare minimum framework required to integrate
with external lock managers. This is a fleshing out of the original
proposal in


What's in this series

 * Major refactor of the security drivers to simplify code
   and clarify interaction with lock maanger

 * Low level internal lock manager plugin API for locking
   objects and their resources

 * High level internal lock manager API for locking virtual
   machines and their disks

 * Simple 'no op' plugin impl to stub out all the code

 * Re-ordering of QEMU startup to add a handshake between
   libvirtd & the child process, immediately prior to exec().
   This allows acquiring locks in the child, before the
   parent libvirtd process then re-labels disks

 * The public API header for 3rd parties to implement
   new lock manager plugins against

 * Some basic documentation

What's not in this series

 * A standard 'fcntl' based plugin

 * Enhanced migration process to transfer lock state

 * Hooks to re-validate the lock at time of VM resume

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