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Re: [libvirt] OpenSource-Management of private Clouds and Virtualisation

Hello Justin,
sorry again for the late answer.

Justin Clift wrote:
Taking a look through the site and docs, I didn't see anything related to libvirt.

Arno-Can, what does this have to do with the libvirt project?
The relation is indirect for now.

The managed task is the same - the management of user sessions to various hypervisors. The difference is that the UnifiedSesionsManager utilizes the commandline interfaces, not yet
a library interface. This has pros and cons.

One main advance of this project is simple integration of new hypervisors and applications, and the handling of huge amounts of VMs with an automatic inventory scanner and a CSV text database. Thus it is for example quite good usable for the handling of development, debugging
and test environments for the development of libvirt.

The main intention was to present this as an R&D utilitiy, but also as an alternate interface, which emphasizes the personal customization of workspaces and sets of services.

The following versions are intended to use additionally a library based API in combination with distributed server daemons and an LDAP storage, thus most probably apply libvirt and potentially
contribute to libvirt too.

Kind of seems like spam. :(


Justin Clift

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Yours sincerly
Arno-Can Uesteunsoez


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