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Re: [libvirt] RFC: automatic setting of ip_forwarding (or not)

Uh huh, hi?

On 10/01/2010 08:46 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
> to /etc/sysctl.conf and calling "sysctl -a -p". This gives us the same
> behavior as currently, but with the advantages that a) our change to the
> config is documented in /etc/sysctl.conf and b) virtual networked guests
> won't suddenly have their network fail when some other process runs
> "sysconfig -a -p".

You've got me a bit confused here, because what exactly is supposed #
sysctl -a -p; do? I mean, what kind of magic?

I've tried this and if I turn on net.ipv4.ip_forward to '1' and run #
sysctl -a -p; it stays on, unless defined as 0 in /etc/sysctl.conf (and
sysctl run only with -p, not -a AND -p). And if it's defined as 0 there,
then there must be reason for being so. Also, why on Earth would you
have every sysctl parameter in /etc/sysctl.conf unless you're not happy
with default ones? Imho this file is for fine tuning, thus ~ include
things what I don't like or want changed, but not every possible kernel
option which I might or might not want to change. Because then there is
no surprise for such odd behavior.

Also, the outlined problem here sounds more like "left hand doesn't know
what's doing right hand" or I just didn't get your point. I'm also
missing the previous discussion about the problem, if there was any. I
mean, your e-mail comes out of the blue sky without any previous reference.

I hope this doesn't sound too much jerk-ish, but I kinda don't like too
much what I'm reading here.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for your (or anyone's) reply on this one.


Zdenek Styblik
Net/Linux admin
OS TurnovFree.net
email: stybla turnovfree net
jabber: stybla jabber turnovfree net

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